Where do you go to recycle your old carpet?

Have you recently renovated your home? Perhaps you finally replaced that old shag carpeting with some sleek looking hardwood, or swapped that dingy carpet with some fresh linoleum? The fact is that many of us remain unsure about what to do with our old carpet-avoid bad carpet karma and recycle it today!

Did you know that most carpet is comprised of plastic fibers, and therefore can and should be recycled. With roughly 250 million pounds of carpet waste turning up in Canadian landfills every year (6 billion in the U.S.), there is much work to be done. These sad rolls of ditched carpet are second only to diapers in terms of landfill volume, contributing to 4% of landfill waste, and take over five decades to degrade.

That’s where Aspera Recycling comes in. Aspera is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, leading the industry in waste diversion and recycling of both carpet and carpet underlay. With 9 collection sites across Canada, Aspera is working from multiple platforms to ensure all carpet is diverted from the landfills.

How Aspera works:

      • Sorts and organizes carpet based on polymer content
      • Shears carpet fibers which contain plastic
      • Converts the carpet shears into pure fibers
      • Fibers are then prepared for shipping and reintroduced into the manufacturing process

We at Green Coast Rubbish are excited to announce our on-going partnership with Aspera recycling. Our first project will save roughly 85 tonnes of carpet and carpet underlay from ending up in a landfill, and involves recycling nearly 600 units of carpeting from two towers in downtown Vancouver. We are proud to be partnering up with Aspera Recycling on this and many projects to come.

If you need advice or require any assistance in disposing of your old unwanted carpet, contact us today with any questions.