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Couch Recycling: Achieving a Responsible End of Product Life Cycle

For many, the end of the month will mean moving day, so we thought now would be a good time to highlight a service that might be useful to those who are relocating, or just simply looking to downsize, and who want to ensure that their discarded items don’t end up in the landfill.

We’ve wrote before about the great work that the team over at do, but did you know that they recycle more than just mattresses? now also recycles couches, and Green Coast Rubbish has teamed up with this great local organization to prevent discarded couches from ending up in BC landfills.

Couch Recycling. Junk Removal Vancouver. Green Coast Rubbish.

Because of their size and the amount of wear they are subjected to, couches are often placed on the chopping block when it comes time to move or downsize. But have you ever considered what happens to your couch after throw it away? The average weight of a 4 person couch can range from 100 to 200 pounds, and the weight of a sofa bed can easily tip the scales at over 300 pounds. In terms of volume, that translates to approximately 2 yards of solid waste per couch.  Now multiply that figure by the hundreds (even thousands) of couches that are tossed away each year, and you begin to see the impact that not recycling your unwanted couch can have on the environment.

Couch Recycling. Junk Removal Vancouver. Green Coast Rubbish.

The recycling process for couches is more intensive and takes longer than it is for mattresses, however the payoff is well worth the effort. From the couches they receive, Mattress is able to reclaim and recycle all wood and metal components. Because the wood used in the construction of couches is untreated, it has great composting potential. The remaining parts of the couch, namely the foam, cardboard and textile components are either recycled by contracted third parties or reused within the organization itself.

Green Coast Rubbish is excited to be partnering with to divert as many used couches as possible from landfills. Although currently the volume of couches coming through their doors is low, that is likely to change in coming years, as the federal government plans to implement a Canada-wide Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy, which will include all building products, carpet, furniture and textiles by 2017.

Green Coast Rubbish is happy to partnering with on this endeavor, because we believe that creating practical solutions to everyday waste management challenges will be a key driver for Vancouver’s green future.  So think twice next time you think to throw out your used or unwanted couch, and call Green Coast Rubbish to have your unwanted items picked up hassle-free.

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