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Getting Active with Spinal Cord Injury BC

In our day-to-day rubbish removal jobs, we come across some unique items. Whenever possible, our first mandate is to reuse or recycle the items we collect. On certain occasions,  unused items removed can be greatly benefited by the community. You know what they say, ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!’

Recently we completed an estate clean-out and one of the items for removal was a hand pedal bike which was in excellent condition. Knowing that this item could be given a new home, we contacted Spinal Cord Injury BC (formally the BC Paraplegic Association) and are excited to report that they gladly received this special bike with open arms. They have since given this bike a new home. In fact, Spinal Cord Injury BC has had to rent these bikes in the past as a pedal bike was nonexistent, until GCR made this timely donation.

Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) aids individuals with spinal cord injury* (SCI) and their families adjust, adapt and thrive by providing answers, information and community experience.

SCI BC has a peer program that provides social connections, educational opportunities, and unique life experiences to individuals with a spinal cord injury (SCI). Adjusting to life in a wheelchair is challenging.  People can become isolated, inactive, depressed and unaware of opportunities available to them. The SCI BC Peer Program helps people with SCI overcome these challenges.

The GCR team is thrilled the unwanted bike was able to find such a worthwhile new home. The donation will encourage individuals at SCI to become more active and aid in rehabilitation efforts. On planned recreation days, peers get the chance to participate in several activities such as adaptive cycling, kayaking, hiking and now pedal biking!

Green Coast Rubbish is a proud supporter of our community. In 2011 GCR donated nearly 7 tonnes of clothing, goods and furniture to the community. By supporting and being dedicated to your local community, we make our neighbourhoods a better place to live, work. We all can make difference in the communities and cities we live in with minimal effort.


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