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Mattress Recycling in Vancouver

Did you know that up until January 1st of this year, it was estimated that between 100,000 and 150,000 mattresses were dumped annually into Metro Vancouver’s landfill. When you consider the massive amount of space these mattresses and box springs take up in our landfills this seems so senseless, especially when they could have been recycled, with 100% of the materials recovered and reused.











In an effort to encourage residents to recycle, Metro Vancouver has since prohibited the  dumping of mattresses and box springs. Mattresses are no longer treated as garbage, and now must be recycled.

Enter Fabio Scaldaferri and Zac Plavsic of, who were instrumental in  lobbying the provincial government to have mattresses banned from entering our waste stream.

Green Coast Rubbish recently dropped off a mattress for recycling, and was kind enough to give us a tour of their new facility. My first impression once I entered the facility was one of awe. The sheer volume of mattresses and box springs was unreal.

According to Scaldaferri, the facility can receive up to 150 mattresses per day, or 3000 to 5000 per month. And from this, Scaldaferri and Plavsic are able to recover and recycle 1 tonne of metal each day.

But that’s not all. is also able to attain 100% recycle rates (said to drop to 90% in the future) for all materials, including foam (polyurethane), metal, wood, coir (coconut husk), cardboard, plastic, cotton, as well as felt toppers. All of these recovered materials are used locally, and nothing is shipped internationally—thus minimizing their carbon foot print.











The recycling process is quite simple, though very labour-intensive. The mattresses and box springs are basically disassembled by hand and the various materials are separated, stored, and then shipped from their facility in Burnaby to various other locations.

Green Coast Rubbish is proud to be affiliated with such an outstanding company like, who is assisting us in our efforts to working towards a zero waste future by employing sustainable waste diversion and recycling practices.

Sources:, The Vancouver Courier , and The Vancouver Sun

  1. Never seen so many mattresses!

  2. Yes it is quite something. Thankfully they are all being recycled.

  3. What an amazing accomplishment, keeping that much recyclable matterial out of the land fill. It’s so great see companies like this one an your own making such an effort to find ways to make this process easy and available. Thank you

  4. Thanks for the kind words Jeff. It is certainly a pleasure working with such a progressive, and sustainable minded company like

  5. This is EXACTLY what we need! Great job! How can we help you get the message to people/business that this exists?

  6. AWESOME!!!! Hope you guys stick around and dominate!!!

  7. Recycling is very essential to any of the countries, thank you for sharing this article for giving people ideas on how to lessen waste and earning money. This is also a practice on junk removal-las vegas.

    • Hi Keith. Well said recycling is essential regardless of which country you are in. Keep up the great work in Las Vagas.

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