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Partners in Recycling: North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot

Green Coast Rubbish relies on local community partners in order to carry out our mandate of diverting as much waste as possible from BC landfills. One of these community partners is the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot. The depot, a vital aspect of the North Shore Recycling Program (NSRP) is located at 29 Riverside Drive in North Vancouver and open 7 days a week, the  offers cost effective, environmentally responsible and innovative programs to North Shore residents, in order to make it simple and easy to recycle their used and unwanted items.

The North Shore Drop-off Recycling Depot has some very impress stats for 2010. According to Kathleen O’Malley, Assistant Manager of the NSRP, they see an average of 300 cars each and every day, and the depot has been able to recycle a total of 1780.7 tonnes of material last year alone.  To put it in perspective, that’s nearly equivalent to the weight of 1000 midsized cars worth of recyclable material being diverted from our landfill—an impressive result indeed.

Corrugated cardboard (735.0 tonnes last year) and mixed waste paper and newspaper (517.0 and 387 tonnes, respectively) make up the bulk of what the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot recycles, though they also recycle aluminium, tins cans, glass, plastics, and magazines.

One of the more interesting programs that the drop-off depot is offering from now until July 1, 2012 is the toilet rebate program. According to the BC Housing code, and effective October 3, 2011, it will be mandatory for all BC residents to switch their current toilets to high-efficiency models which maintain a flush volume of 4.8 litres or less. To help accommodate this transition, the NSRP is offering a rebate program that will put $50 back in your pocket, just for bringing in your old toilet and recycling it at their drop-off depot. And, for those of you who are looking to up your green karma even more, why not use the money you save from returning your toilet to buy yourself a Garden Gourmet Backyard Composter—the drop-off depot sells them for $45 (taxes included).

Green Coast Rubbish is proud to be partner with the NSRP’s drop-off recycling depot, which not only has had some very impressive results to-date, but in our opinion is an excellent example of a municipal run initiative that is affecting some real change, and leading Metro Vancouver towards a zero waste future.

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