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Urban Wood Waste: Canada’s Largest Recycler

According to the City of North Vancouver’s Businesses in Action initiative, garbage tipping fees are going to continue steadily increasing. “With land at a premium and landfill sites filling up, garbage tipping fees will rise from $82 per tonne in 2010 to $182 per tonne in 2015.” Although bad news for our wallets, perhaps this is a green blessing in disguise. Residents are now showing a greater focus on diverting their waste.

One group leading the charge is our partner in diversion Urban Wood Waste Recyclers (UWWR). They are Canada’s largest recycler of construction and demolition debris. UWWR’s Louise Roxy says, “We divert over 150,000 tonnes of materials annually from landfills and have over 90 employees at our 2 locations in Vancouver and New Westminster. We strive to help the Lower Mainland achieve its goal of recycling 70% of our waste by 2015.” Take a peek at their recycling process here.

Green Coast Rubbish in conjunction with UWWR are committed to repurpose, reuse and recycle waste that would otherwise go to the landfills and reaching a zero waste future. In fact, last year we recycled or composted almost 66 tonnes of wood and green waste – an amazing feat that wouldn’t have been possible without UWWR and our clients eco-responsiblity.

Building a sustainable future is hard work but companies like UWWR make it easier for everybody.

  1. they just burn everything lol

    • is that what they are doing now since Sean passed away? I worked for UWWR for many many years myself. And when Sean Mabberly started and ran UWWR, wood chips were sold to Canfor. And hog fuel was sold to landfills

      • I know Sean was my step-dad and he tried, he wasn’t just any guy! Sean grew up on a hobby farm and became a part of reforestation, and we grew up with a compost bin and a nice Gardon, Sean was a business man but he always was a fair guy,Thanx for caring yours truly Jesse Rafter!

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