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Green Coast Rubbish was founded in 2006 when I was attending the University of British Columbia. The little red wagon you see in our logo is a very symbolic image for Green Coast. Ever since I was a young boy, it seems that I have been using a red wagon in some fashion or another, and it is for that exact reason why it is the foundation of our identity. From carting my brothers around in our youth, from a playground to playground; to my first venture of collecting pop bottles or even delivering newspapers as a young man, the red wagon has always been there for me. Now many years later, it seems, it still is.
About us - green coast rubbish

My brother and I started Green Coast Rubbish as an idea and a truck. Green Coast was founded on the principle of how to improve the way that waste was managed in our community. We felt there was a definite need to offer more environmentally conscious ways to deal with our waste.

In 2017 we diverted 79% of the waste we hauled to recycling or other waste streams! Needless to say, we are ecstatic with our accomplishment, and we are working hard to improve our diversion rate for this year.

If you have the time, take a peek at our community page to learn more about how Green Coast is engaged in the community, as well as our media page to see what is the latest and greatest with Green Coast Rubbish.

-Eamonn Duignan, CEO & Founder

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