Mattress Recycling & Disposal Vancouver

Mattress disposal (and recycling it) in Vancouver has never been easier. Vancouver and the surrounding area’s residents have always been known and lauded for their eco-consciousness. But, we’ve harboured a not so green secret, residents fill landfills at an alarming rate.

Our Green Coast Rubbish team is fully equipped to remove and recycle your mattress for you. Our fee is a $150 minimum charge for truck usage,  labour and 3 yards per visit, tax not included. Each mattress has a $25 recycling fee. Please fill out the form below to request a formal quote.

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    Why Recycle a Mattress?

    According to Cascade Alliance’s report titled “The State of the Mattress Recycling Industry”, approximately 20 million mattresses and box springs are discarded every year in landfills. That’s an average of 55,000 per day in the United States. And, according to Canadian Geographic, Canada has the highest output of garbage of most developed nations—seven percent higher than the U.S.A..

    What Happens to Recycled Mattresses in Vancouver

    When a mattress is recycled, it is taken to a special facility that helps break down the materials and sort them from each other. Oftentimes, the metal is extracted from the foam by a series of complex saws and magnets. Once separated, the metal is recycled by melting it down and preparing it to become new steel products. The foam is often cleaned and processed to become new foam products such as underlay for flooring or protective wrapping for products.

    Why Trust Green Coast Rubbish?

    As a leader in reduce, reuse, recycle waste disposal, Green Coast Rubbish’s core tenet is to keep as much junk as possible from our landfills. Mattresses aren’t just a bulky hassle for landfills—they pose many potential dangers including the leeching of chemicals into salmon-bearing waterways or drinking water, potential fire hazards, and take up more cubic feet of space than most products. Green Coast Rubbish commits to its customers that we’ll recycle and reduce as many of their products as physically possible. It’s a commitment that started our business and it’s one that we’ll forever live by as we don’t just work in the community, we live here too.