Here are some frequently asked questions we get surrounding junk removal and other topics.
If you have any other questions regarding rubbish removal, call us!

Q: What Alternatives Are There To Just Throwing Out My Old Furniture?

A: Old furniture takes up a lot of space at the dump and is quite detrimental to the environment. First look to either sell or donate unused furniture Read More.

Q: Do I Need To Bring All My Electronics To A Recycling Centre?

A: Electronics waste is one of the most harmful substances to the environment. Whether you take it directly to a electronics waste depot, or call us to have it removed, make sure it is disposed of properly and not just thrown into the trash. Read More.

Q: My mom is a hoarder. How can we help declutter her house?

A: There is a different levels of hoarding, but it is important to be understanding. It is important to tackle hoarding early before it poses risks to one’s health. Read more.

Q: What happens if I throw drywall into the garbage?

A: Don’t do it! Drywall can be extremely harmful to both humans or animals. Call a professional (like us!) that can help you properly remove your old drywall. Read More.

Q: What do you do with old mattresses?

A: Hundreds of thousands of old mattresses used to end up in Vancouver landfills, taking up lots and lots of space. We drop off old mattresses at who strip down the old mattresses and recycle the material. Read More.

Q: What is the new “Clean Wood” bylaw?

A: As of January 1, 2015, Metro Vancouver implemented a ban on clean wood disposal. It now needs to be properly recycled or there is risk of a surcharge. Read More.


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