Furniture Recycling British Columbia

Whether you are cleaning out your house, renovating, downsizing or doing an office move, you likely have to figure out what to do with furniture that you no longer want or need. Let the team at Green Coast Rubbish take that furniture off your hands and put it to good use or recycle it in a responsible way.

We pride ourselves on being able to take your furniture, keep it away from landfills and put it to reuse with organizations that can best use it.

We service all of the Greater Vancouver areas and have locations in Vancouver and the North Shore.

What Furniture Will We Take?

Anything. That’s right we take any and all furniture including office furniture and we’ll work to maximize its reuse potential somewhere else.
Depending on the job, we may provide our handloading service so that the materials that we know can be recycled or reused are taken.

Organizations We Donate Furniture To

We work with a number of local organizations to maximize the reuse potential of your furniture. These include:

  • Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore,
  • Salvation Army,
  • Helping Families in Need Society,
  • Consignment Canada (any proceeds are donated)
  • Other thrift shops for donation.
  • For recycling of mattresses and sofas, we work with
  • Urban Wood Waste Recycles for wood furniture that we can’t donate
  • Furniture Recycling Process

From start to finish, we want to make sure the process of getting rid of your unneeded furniture in a way that’s the safest for our environment. So for transparency purposes, here are the steps:

  1. Take your call
  2. Discover your needs
  3. Visit the site, if required or requested
  4. Book an appointment time and date
  5. Green Coast Rubbish team shows up
  6. Green Coast Rubbish team sorts the material as to its reuse potential
  7. Green Coast Rubbish team brings your furniture to the most appropriate facility with reuse of the material being our number one goal.

Furniture Recycling Cost

Our regular volume rates apply for our handloading service. We do bin pricing upon request. Pricing can change depending on the material.

Call Us Today

Don’t wait. Call Green Coast Rubbish today at (604) 230-4530 and we’ll work with you to dispose of your most unwanted pieces of furniture. Furniture recycling can be made easy – and we make it easy.