Construction waste disposal vancouver

Vancouver Construction Waste Disposal

Discover construction waste removal services that span across almost the entirety of Vancouver’s Lower Mainland including Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and beyond Coquitlam. 

Green Coast Roofing is a trusted construction waste removal company known for its affordable and professional approach to construction and demolition waste removal. We adhere strictly to all municipal waste disposal regulations and look for every opportunity to ensure that your building materials are recycled instead of condemned to a landfill. 

Construction Waste Disposal vs. Construction Waste Bins

If you have been researching “where to dispose of construction waste near me”, you have likely stumbled across construction waste disposal containers as well as construction waste disposal companies. Many of our customers ask before they choose us what the difference is between the two options. It’s a great question. The difference between a construction waste bin and a waste disposal company is the experience and expertise to know what is recyclable and what is not. In Vancouver, for example, there are minimum requirements for reusing or recycling materials on homes built before 1950. 

According to Metro Vancouver, construction and demolition waste accounts for over a third of the region’s waste. Yet, over 80% of the materials used in home construction, demolition, and deconstruction are recyclable. In many cases, lumber from older Vancouver-area homes is of a higher quality than modern wood, meaning that it is the perfect candidate for reuse, especially if deconstructed correctly. 

The Green Coast Rubbish construction waste disposal methods include recycling and consulting on reuse on-site. Although it might seemingly be easier to just want to “get rid” of the construction waste, some of the ways in which construction waste can be reused on-site include: 


  • Repurposing wood for ornamental or practical means
  • As a filler for backfill on new construction
  • Drywall can be a good compost additive due to its nutrients and compostability


Commonly recyclable or reusable materials from a home construction site include:


  • Working and clean appliances
  • Columns, crown molding, and other architectural details
  • Bricks, stone & cinder block
  • Cabinetry
  • Doors
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Lighting
  • Lumber
  • Bathroom and Kitchen fixtures and fittings
  • Windows (if energy efficient)
  • Gates and exterior fences

Construction Waste Recycling Business

As a leading construction waste recycling business, we have seen firsthand the effects of construction waste on the environment. That’s why we’re committed to helping construction companies, developers, and home builders keep as much construction waste out of our landfills as possible. According to Statistics Canada, 592,597 metric tonnes of construction and demolition waste were diverted to landfills in 2014. Since then, Vancouver and other municipalities have brought in strict regulations on home and construction waste including minimum recycling requirements from homes built prior to 1950 (75% recycled minimum), homes of character status (90% recycled minimum), and homes built pre-1910 or of heritage status (3 tonnes of wood recycled and reused). 

Whether it is drywall, wood, or another construction material, if your construction project is in need of disposal, contact the experienced and expert Vancouver waste disposal team at Green Coast Rubbish.