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How to Reuse or Recycle your Old Furniture

It’s that time again – time for spring cleaning! And that means figuring out what the heck to do with your old furniture. We get it – you’re done with that table or chair. Your ottoman has seen better days. And that upholstery is yesterday’s news.  Maybe it’s old. Maybe it’s ugly. Maybe it’s someone else’s treasure. Or maybe you will learn to love it again? Wait, what? That’s right, there’s more than one way to reuse or recycle your old furniture and that might include selling it, donating it or refinishing it. Project! Let’s go over some options:

Sell it

Sell your old furniture on Craigslist, Used Vancouver, Kijiji or just have yourself an old fashioned garage sale. Consignment is another great way to go. Green Coast Rubbish recommends the good people at Consignment Canada in North Vancouver and we’ve also heard good things about The Main Sellution in Vancouver and Champagne Tastes in New Westminster but check your local listings for a consignment store near you.

Donate it

Donating furniture can be tricky; you need to do your research on where used furniture is accepted.  Habitat for Humanity Restore and the Salvation Army are two great places Green Coast Rubbish uses to donate old furniture for our clients.  For more ideas on where to take your old furniture, check out these recycling resources.

Green Coast Rubbish Furniture Recycling

Refinish it

There’s nothing like giving a beloved piece of furniture a brand new look. Take your furniture to an expert for professional restoration. Or if you prefer to DIY, there are numerous online resources for projects including Pinterest where we found these fabulous examples to share with you:

With a little imagination, your old furniture nightmare can turn into a DIY dream. Now get busy and tackle that spring cleaning project!

  1. I have a lot of old furniture in my garage. I am going to donate some of them because they look pretty well. Thank you for the interesting article!

    • Good for you Val. These are some great charities.

  2. I would never get rid of old furniture. Your article provides good alternatives. Websites like Pinterest also have great ideas on how to re-purpose old furniture.

    • Thanks for the input Bin. Pinterest is a great resource. Happy recycling.

  3. Lots of great ideas in this article. Thanks for providing the resources for recycling stuff we don’t know what to do with.

    • Happy that you found this post helpful Pauline. Happy recycling!

  4. Interesting article and you have shared useful tips to recycle your old furniture.

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  5. Not just furniture. If you happen to have mattresses to donate… Vancouver has a buisness that OPERATES on your mattress donationa. Must be in a hygenic and a stain free bug free usea le condition. No worries, these donated matresses. That are sized from single double queen and King are either provided through the ministry of Social development and housing. Contact the ministry of so ial development for their phone number.
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    • Hi Natasha. Thanks for your feedback. Are you saying that the Ministry of Social Development will take used mattresses in Vancouver? We would be happy to donate to them.

  6. Awesome post. It’s very useful post. Thanks for sharing this informative post about how to recycle old furniture. Good job.

    • We are happy to share and thanks for the feedback!

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