Bikes for Tykes: A Cycle of Giving

Much like our good friends at Obsession: Bikes we too think that every kid should experience the joy and excitement of riding a bike.  The opportunities, the freedom, and of course the simple pleasure a bike can bring into a child’s life is unparalleled and is something that every child should experience.

With that admirable goal in mind, Obsession has established a “Bikes for Tykes” program on the North Shore of Vancouver. The Bikes for Tykes program was founded in 1987 in Naples, Florida and has since delivered close to 18,000 reconditioned bicycles to some very lucky children. With 25 chapters in the US and 3 in Canada the program has been a massive success, to say the least.

The concept of the program is simple, you donate your previously owned kids bikes to be restored to “like new” condition and then Obsession, in conjunction with other local partners, will deliver the revitalized bikes to underprivileged children across the North Shore for Christmas. 

Since 2005, Obsession has delivered 100 refurbished bikes to kids on the Shore each Christmas, and Green Coast is on board to help them reach and exceed this number for 2012.

If you have a bike to donate but don’t have the means or the time to get it to Obsession, no need to worry. We will happily pick-up your child’s bike, scooter, or anything with two wheels for free and deliver it to Obsession!  Just contact us and mention the Bikes for Tykes program and we’ll take care of the rest.

Help make this a memorable Christmas for children on the North Shore, because when it comes to bikes, we’re all still kids at heart!