BC Bike Race Turns a Shade of Green

One of the coolest parts of our jobs is getting a chance to work with a diverse group of organizations, and helping to efficiently divert their waste into recycling efforts whenever possible.

This is why we are especially thrilled to be partnering with the BC Bike Race (BCBR) to provide waste management services for this year’s event. Loving this sport ourselves, (did you know Eamonn, the founder & CEO of Green Coast used to be a pro mountain biker for NSMB.com and Rocky Mountain Bikes?) it gives us a great excuse to get out into the sunshine for a week, and combine what we enjoy most: finding creative ways to divert waste, mountain biking, and the great outdoors. It’s a win for everyone!

DayTwo -012

The BCBR is an annual 7-day mountain bike race that begins in North Vancouver on June 29, travels to Vancouver Island, and finishes off in Whistler on July 6. It is a fun and rigorous event, and the 500 lucky participants get to experience some of the most beautiful parts of our British Columbian landscape, while striving to achieve and surpass personal and competitive goals.

Each year the BC Bike Race grows in popularity, with riders traveling from all over the world to take part. More participants and spectators translate to more potential waste, which creates a unique opportunity for us to work in conjunction with the BCBR to analyze the footprint of the event, and create a custom program to reduce the event’s environmental impact with tailored recycling and waste reduction initiatives. To say we’re excited would be an understatement. Keep your eye out for an update on our experience of this year’s BC Bike Race!