Technology and electronic devices are always changing, evolving and improving over time. But what can you do with your older electronics when you no longer need them? Sometimes it’s necessary to replace old computers, phones, TV’s even photocopy machines with the latest products when they break down.

Newer technology is often more efficient and can save you and your company time. But it’s important to be sure you dispose of your older electronics properly as well. In this post, we will discuss the many different ways of recycling electronics in Vancouver.

Electronic parts are harmful to the environment. They can be made up of harmful plastics, contain batteries and other products that you don’t want to see in the trash. They are not biocompatible and in most places, you’ll face heavy fines if you’re caught throwing electronics in the garbage or in landfills.

Despite the fines, it is unfortunately still a common sight to see old TV’s or computers left out on the curb, or next to dumpsters. There are countless places where you can bring your electronics, read on for more information.

Determine What Types Of Electronics You Have To

Before you start searching for recycling outlets, it is a good idea to determine what you need to get rid of. Not all electronics are alike and there are different places that take different types of electronic materials. Take stock of the things that you have and determine what you want to have taken away.

Sort your electronic products so that you can get the sense of how you might go about recycling them. If they are smaller items like old phones or computers, you can take them to the recycling depot manually. If, however, you have larger electronics that you need to remove, like several photocopy machines, you may want to consider a junk removal company.

It can be difficult to determine who will take what when it comes to electronics. Here is a brief list of what is usually accepted by most recycling depots:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • IT devices
  • Medical & monitoring devices
  • Portable computers
  • Printing/Copying machines
  • Desktop printers
  • Audio video & Gaming products
  • Musical equipment (speakers, cables etc.)
  • Cameras
  • Phones
  • Cell phones
  • Answering machines
  • TV’S

If you do not see the items you want to recycle on this list, do not throw them out! You can always call the recycling depot and ask if your item is accepted. If the item is not accepted, call your local municipality to learn more about how to safely recycle or dispose of the product.

Sell The Used Electronics

The fastest way to ensure your old electronics don’t go to waste is to re-sell them. There are many agencies throughout Vancouver that specialize in selling used electronics. You can also sell them yourself on various online buy and sell channels.

You should only re-sell electronics if they are in good working order. In general, if you are selling your appliances to a used electronics store, they will thoroughly inspect the devices before they choose whether or not they accept them. You should be sure that everything is functioning properly before you decide to resell your electronics.

*Note: If these are office electronics, be sure you have permission from your company to re-sell the items. Always fully delete your information and set electronics to factory reset to avoid identity theft and stolen information. Only sell lightly used or properly functioning electronics, unless you are selling items for parts.

PC Galore – This shop in Kitsilano recycles and resells used PC’s and MacBooks, along with their accessories. They accept all computer related donations. There is a small fee for larger items.

Apple Stores – Is it time to upgrade your Apple products? Apple has a buyback policy so that you can get rid of your old electronics and make some money off of it too.

Your Local Buy and Sell group – If your electronics are still in good working order, you can sell them on a local buy and sell page or an online marketplace such as Craigslist.

Return The Electronics To The Store Where They Were Purchased

There are several different stores that accept old electronics that are at the end of their useful lives.

Best Buy – Best Buy partnered with e-Cycle Solutions and Call2Recycle so that you can return any of your electronics and rest assured that they will be safely recycled.

London Drugs – London Drugs lets you return any old electronics that no longer function. They suggest donating your older but working electronics to local charities or thrift shops. The London Drugs recycling program is only for electronics that are at the end of their lives.

Canon – Canon allows you to return older electronics that are no longer working. They accept old cameras, camcorders and accessories.

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Take Your Electronics To A Recycling Depot

If your electronics are beyond repair, or you simply want to recycle them quickly in one place, take them to a recycling depot. There are several of these located throughout the Lower Mainland.

These depots donate working electronics and they recycle all the parts they can.

ElectroRecycle is the province-wide initiative that ensures all smaller electronics are properly dismantled and reused.

EnCorp Pacific has special sectors that accept damaged or broken electronics. They carefully handle these materials and recycle them properly. EnCorp Pacific partners with The Salvation Army in BC. You can bring your used electronics to any of their locations throughout the province and they will be accepted.

Salvation Army Electronic Recycling Locations:

For a full list of electronics recycling depots nearest you visit British Columbia’s Recycle My Electronics site.

If you are still unsure about where to take your used electronics, visit the Recycling Council of British Columbia website. On the home page, under the heading “RCBC Recyclopedia” you’ll be able to specify your location and the product that you want to recycle. This platform generates the recycling depot near you where you can take the product. RCBC and Green Coast Rubbish are also partners.

Have A Company Remove Your Electronics

If you have several electronics or items that you think are too big to move on your own, don’t hesitate to call a removal company. These are the perfect solution when there is a lot to remove. You don’t have to go out of your way to recycle old office electronics, it’s easy to have them removed.

At Green Coast Rubbish, our talented team has experience hauling and removing office electronics. We work closely with Encorp, a well known federally incorporated recycling organization, in order to properly recycle your electronic devices.

To learn more about recycling and e-waste you can view our related blog post about recycling electronics. When you specifically want to remove certain office electronics, hiring a company like Green Coast Rubbish is the most effective route to take.