Halloween is one of those holidays that seems super commercial and far from environmentally friendly with plastic decorations and crinkly packaging everywhere. But it doesn’t need to be.  On this week’s blog, we’re sharing some really fun eco-friendly tips for a green Halloween for the whole family.

Shop local

With so many pumpkin patches in the Metro Vancouver area, it’s a no brainer to shop local for your pumpkins. There’s no better way to connect ourselves to where our food comes from than to visit a farm and pick out a pumpkin straight from the field it was grown on. Be sure to have some fun while you are thereby going through a corn maze or firing a pumpkin cannon!

Decorate with nature

Decorate for Halloween with natural and eco-conscious materials in mind. Think gourds, straw, corn stalks, flowers and pumpkins when shopping local. Check your stash of decorations and see what you can reuse this year.  If you’re shopping new, make your selections with compostable and reusable characteristics in mind, and choose things that you’ll use year in and year out.  Reusable decorations are a great way to establish traditions that will create special memories for your family.

Eco-friendly Tips

Eco-friendly party planning

Choose reusable dishes and real silverware when planning your Halloween party to cut down on single-use plastics and to divert waste away from the landfill. Shop at your local farmer’s market for the food and decorate with nature to create a gorgeous eco-friendly party setting for your friends. DIY some party treats and you’re rocking your eco-friendly party like nobody’s business. Recycle glass containers and compost food leftovers at the end of the night.

Eco-friendly Tips


Green your costume

The obvious choice for an eco-friendly costume would be to make it. If DIY is your thing, check out Pinterest for creative ideas for a Halloween costume you can make. But there are other ways to green your costume without making it. Buy used from Craigslist or pick up individual pieces from a consignment or thrift store. If you do end up buying something new, keep it for next year or donate it to your local thrift so it will be reused in the future.

Eco-friendly Tips


Trick or treat with packaging in mind

Skip the plastic Halloween bucket and give your kids a reusable shopping bag or a pillowcase to haul their loot. And when you go around the neighbourhood be sure to walk with the kids!

Happy Halloween From Your Freinds at Green Coast Rubbish