Home renovations continue to be popular in Metro Vancouver, adding $8 billion dollars per year to the BC economy. Green Coast Rubbish gets a lot of business as a result of this home renovation boom with deconstruction and demolition projects. This week’s Green Coast in Action blog features an eco chimney demolition performed by the team.

The challenge:

Green Coast Rubbish was asked to gut the inside of a house in New Westminster for Alair Homes in preparation for lifting it to add another floor. Part of this project was removing a brick chimney that ran through the center of the 3 story house.

Photo gallery:


Recycled that:

The Green Coast team tackled the chimney demolition one floor at a time, starting from the roof and working our way down to the basement. Once our team members were securely tied onto the roof, we removed the portion of the chimney above the roofline brick by brick and capped the hole with plywood and poly. We then worked our way down through all 3 floors of the home taking out one chimney section at a time. We completed the chimney demolition in the basement by removing the support slab.  In the end, we recycled over 6 tonnes of brick from the demolition!

Notable quotes:

“This project had some unique challenges as it was a character house and all the internal framing had to be kept in place. Our Green Coast team was up for the challenge and completed the project on time, within budget and most importantly, without any issues,” says Eamonn Duignan, President & CEO of Green Coast Rubbish.

Jason Zavitz of Alair Homes states, “Eamonn and his team were great to work with. They maintained a great attitude even in poor weather and always left the site spotless at the end of the day.” 

Pro tip for homeowners:

If you have a commercial, retail or residential project or structure in Metro Vancouver that needs to be torn down or deconstructed, Green Coast Rubbish has an experienced team and will make sure all the materials we remove are disposed in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Contact us at 604.230.4530 or pickup@www.greencoastrubbish.com.