Green Coast Rubbish is excited to participate again this year as a sponsor in the very popular and festive 2021 Parade of Trees in Lynn Valley.

As the team began to prepare for the event, they realized the decorations had been lost in the recent move of the business to Deep Cove. The solution was a no brainer for a team that lives for repurposing used materials everyday; they would simply source the decorations for their sponsored tree from the recycling jobs they were working on. And you might say, that the Green Coast team was thinking way outside the box on what a decoration might look like in 2021 and how they might rock the Christmas tree parade – just like the song!

“This is a fundraiser that we believe in and have participated in for many years. This year, with the theme of our tree, Green Coast is sending the message that you can still partake in the tradition of decorating for Christmas, but without giving in to the steep consumerism and environmental stress surrounding this holiday.”

– Eamonn Duignan, Green Coast Rubbish President & CEO

Now check out our video on how it all came together as we rocked the Lynn Valley Parade of Trees with our recycled junk décor!

The Parade of Trees will be ongoing until January 1, 2022 at the Lynn Valley Village and Lynn Valley Centre Plaza in North Vancouver. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Christmas Tree when you drop by to experience the magic. Hint: the Green Coast Rubbish tree is #61!

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