Green Coast Rubbish is proud to announce a new one-of-a-kind binder recycling program for our clients in the Metro Vancouver area.

The Challenge:

This one-of-a-kind binder recycling program was designed to meet the requirements of one of our office move contracts where our law firm client wanted the binders that they weren’t reusing or taking to their new office to be kept out of the landfill.

We love a zero waste challenge! With no binder recycling options available in BC, Green Coast Rubbish created our own program.

The Process:

The team dropped off our shiny totes at the law office to enable recycling during their clean up and later returned to pick up a massive number of binders! Next, the binders are taken back to our facility and deconstructed to their main components of metal, cardboard and vinyl. We utilized local facilities to recycle the various components.


Recycled That:

The Green Coast Rubbish team removed and recycled 658 binders and in total recycled 902 pounds of materials:

– 448 pounds of cardboard

– 168 pounds of vinyl

– 268 pounds of metal

Photo Gallery:

Green Coast Rubbish Binder Recycling Vancouver

Binder Recycling Vancouver


The Big Picture:

With upwards of 60 million binders being sold annually in the United States, we can only speculate on the magnitude of how much waste is ending up in our landfills as a result including vinyl which is toxic and not biodegradable.

Green Coast Rubbish routinely recycles 80% of the waste we pick up on our jobs and creating and utilizing new recycling programs like this one will help us achieve our ultimate Zero Waste, landfill free goal by 2020.