There are many ways for Vancouver families to go green by making small changes to incorporate zero waste principles into their everyday lives.

This week on the blog, we’re sharing 4 easy tips to green your hygiene routine by being mindful of plastics and packaging when you shop.


Green your hygiene routine using these easy 4 Tips:

Shampoo Bars

Choose items like shampoo bars that are sold without packaging or with recyclable packaging.

This Avo Co-Wash Shampoo Bar made by Lush allows you to wash and condition in one easy step and is made from ingredients including fresh avocado, cupuacu butter, and cocoa butter.

Soap, conditioners, bath bombs and several other products are also available with little to no packaging.

4 easy tips to green your hygiene routine

Bamboo Toothbrush

Look for items made from organic and natural materials to reduce the use of non- biodegradable plastics.

Don’t stop brushing your teeth to save the environment from plastic toothbrush waste, but do look for alternatives such as this Bam toothbrush.

These bamboo toothbrushes are made of 100% bamboo grown in a sustainable forest. They are hypo-allergenic and biodegradable except for the nylon bristles.

4 easy tips to green your hygiene routine


Diva Cups

Green your period by replacing tampons with this nifty and locally-produced invention called the diva cup. This is life-changing for women in more than one way. If this doesn’t rock your world, try the Lunapads made by the same Vancouver company. Shopping local supports the BC economy and reduces your ecological footprint while also saving on shipping costs!


Shave the Sustainable Way

This shave bar by Rocky Mountain Soap Co is perfect for removing shaving stubble or getting silky smooth legs. There are no cans or bottles to recycle and you will be supporting a Canadian company that prides itself on using toxic-free ingredients and is fully committed to sustainable business practices including their eco-friendly workshop.

4 easy tips to green your hygiene routine

It’s inspiring to find out just how many great environmentally friendly products are being made right here in Vancouver and in Canada! What are your favorites and recommendations to help green your hygiene routine? Please share…