Metro Vancouver launched the Never Flush Wipes campaign this spring to combat the growing problem of “flushable” wipes which are clogging up local sewer systems. We at Green Coast Rubbish were very surprised to learn about this huge community and environmental problem so we decided to share on this week’s blog.

The issue is that unlike toilet paper, wipes don’t break down when they are flushed down the toilet. Even “flushable” wipes can clog sewer lines, pumps or the pipes in your own home leading to major problems like floods and sewage spills.

According to Metro Vancouver, the wipes  become stringy and bind together with other stuff we flush down the toilet becoming these nasty huge clogs that block pipes and cause all sorts of problems at the wastewater treatment plants and for the operators and engineers who take care of the region’s sewage.




Metro Vancouver wants residents to stop flushing all wipes and everything else  except for your basic pee, poop and toilet paper.


Never Flush Wipes

It’s a pretty simple solution to a completely preventable problem that is costing taxpayers millions and threatens the environment.

For more information on the Never Flush Wipes campaign including a fun quiz, informational videos and tongue in cheek tips on adult toilette etiquette, visit