Today’s One to Watch blog features North Vancouver’s Arc’teryx – a business that is committed to achieving sustainability in every aspect of its operations.

Green Coast Rubbish - One to Watch: Arc'teryxWhat they do:

Arc’teryx is a high performance outerwear and equipment company. Typical products would include jackets, pants, shirts, tops, packs, footwear, climbing gear and accessories for any and all kinds of outdoor activities.

The unusual company name references Archaeopteryx Lithographica, the first reptile to take a bold evolutionary lead by developing feathers for flight.

Evolution is a core value at Arc’teryx in their design, craftsmanship, performance and environmental initiatives.

Environmental initiatives:

Arc’teryx’s environmental policy is all about reducing the footprint of its products by:

  • designing and manufacturing products to be the longest lasting and best performing in the industry;
  • minimizing waste in operations; and
  • ethical sourcing of safe and effective materials.

Arc'teryx design floor

Their North Vancouver office itself is very unique and includes many sustainability features:

  • Recycled floor finishings and furniture coverings
  • Fully equipped bike room
  • Waste water heat exchanger
  • Skylights and energy efficient light fixtures
  • Rain water collection on the roof for reuse and a water retention garden

Arc'teryx Head Office

Community involvement

Arc’teryx is very involved in giving back to the local community. Their home grown Birds Nest Project creates and distributes approximately 700 all-weather capes to homeless shelters and others in need in the area. The company also involves staff in a variety of trail building initiatives in North Vancouver such as their work with the North Shore Mountain Bike Association in maintaining the local trail network.


We work with them:

Green Coast Rubbish has worked with Arcteryx on a variety of waste removal projects, recycling 2.18 tonnes of wood debris, office furniture and metal for them.

Why we like them:

Eamonn Duignan, President and CEO of Green Coast Rubbish, has enjoyed working with Arc’teryx and feels they are One to Watch because of their progressive sustainability polices as well as their work within the community.

“Their efforts to care for the less fortunate in the community and to preserve and improve our local outdoor spaces is admirable,” he says.

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