From time to time, we like to highlight companies that we admire for their outstanding commitment to the environment in our One to Watch series. With that being said, we’d like to introduce you to Northwest Hydraulic Consultants – a company that we have personally worked with for years, and whose employees are making an impact in communities across BC, Canada and the world.

What they do:

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants is an independent, employee-owned company providing hydrotechnical engineering and geoscience consulting services around the world. NHC professionals analyze complex hydrologic and hydraulic conditions in the field, evaluate using sophisticated modelling software and physical models, develop planning and design solutions, oversee project construction, and monitor effectiveness to better understand and implement future projects.

This team enjoys working at the forefront of water-based science and engineering while providing a high level of excellence in technical analysis and client service. Staff are located in BC, Alberta, Quebec, Washington, California, Bangladesh and Brazil.

Project photo gallery:

The Northwest Hydraulic team in BC is spread out between Vancouver, Kamloops and Nanaimo. The scope of their work is incredible with many interesting types of projects that contribute to sustainability and environmental objectives. Here are just a few examples:

Photo credit for all images: Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

NHC has been working on a sea level rise assessment with the City of Campbell River to tackle climate change issues ie flood and erosion hazards along its river and ocean fronts …. more

NHC has been involved in preparing hydrotechnical studies as part of the Pattullo Bridge replacement project … more

NHC created the detailed design for fish habitat mitigation at Site C on the Peace River. This is an important environment and sustainability piece for fish stock preservation in the area  … more

We work with them:

NHC was one of our original clients here at Green Coast Rubbish, and they have stuck with us since the very beginning. We compost materials, provide roll-off bins for all manner of projects, and remove, reuse and recycle a variety of materials on their behalf.

Why we like them:

“It was our philosophy of environmental consciousness that initially attracted NHC to work with us and ultimately aligned both our companies so well,” says Eamonn Duignan, President & CEO of Green Coast Rubbish.

“While our everyday work is obviously very different, it’s incredibly rewarding to work with a company that shares our goals around creating healthy and sustainable communities.”

Learn more: For more information on Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, please visit their site here.