The Metro Vancouver area is gifted with an almost embarrassment of riches when it comes to local pet stores that provide eco-friendly products.  Today’s blog will cover tips to reduce your eco pawprint including everything from dog beds to poop bags and more!

Dog Bed

Purchasing a dog bed is an investment in the long-term care of your pet. Comfort is key as are eco-friendly materials, manufacturing practices and cost.  Leafscore, a leading online voice for climate-friendly living, highly recommends the luxurious Essentia Kingdom Dog Bed for its organic, toxin-free materials and ethical labour practices.  For more price-conscious shoppers, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality yet affordable Kirkland Signature Pet Bed from Costco that is filled with environmentally friendly recycled polyester fibre fill.

Pictured: Kirkland Signature Nest Pet Bed

Collar, Leash & Harness

Essential everyday dog care includes the use of a collar, leash and harness for your puppy or dog to keep them safe.  These standard items are carried at virtually every pet store. The main tip is to measure your dog’s neck and chest before you go shopping or bring your pet with you to pick these items out. One size does not fit all and some styles are more or less comfortable depending on your dog’s body shape and size. Choosing well-fitting good quality accessories will set your dog up for many years – an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Buy Local Food & Treats

A great rule of thumb for purchasing pet food and treats is to buy local. This can mean purchasing what you need from locally owned businesses such as Korna Natural Pet Supplies and Bone & Biscuit or choosing locally made products such as Kettle Craft Dog Treats. Be sure to check flyers and websites of your favourite vendors for deals and loyalty discounts as this is a great way to make the most of your budget.

Pictured: Kettle Craft Smokey Canadian Bacon Recipe

Deer Antler Chew Toy

When it comes to chewing toys, there are many options but you can’t get more eco-friendly than a Canadian naturally shed deer antler. Be sure to buy the correct size for your pet whether small, medium or large and be aware that it is highly recommended to supervise your dog while chewing as there is a small chance that the antler could break and become a choking hazard (as with any chew toy).

Pictured: This & That Enhanced Antler Chew

Degradable Poop Bags

Responsible dog owners are scooping up poop multiple times each day so why not choose a biodegradable poop bag that will be kind to the planet? Don’t forget to discard poop bags in your garbage cart – they aren’t classified as organics. This Beco poop bag product – available at Korna Natural Pet Supplies – is an example of an eco-friendly choice – plus it’s super strong and mint-scented!

Pictured: Beco Poop Bags, Mint Scented

DIY Dog Gate

Are you thinking about buying a pet-friendly gate for your patio? Before you go looking to buy new, check to see if you have any materials for a DIY solution like this repurposed pet gate constructed from leftover fencing boards. The materials were reclaimed and reused by the newly created Cove Repurpose to make a pet safety gate for Green Coast’s Eamonn Duignan to ensure his deck is safe for a friend’s dog. PS: Stay tuned for more news on Cove Repurpose which is Eamonn’s latest initiative.

Making eco-friendly choices for your dog every day isn’t always easy but with a bit of time and research, you can find the right products for any budget. Start small, even with the poop bags, and look for DIY options at home and online. It’s so worth it to reduce your eco pawprint!

Note to readers: Aside from Cove Repurpose, Green Coast is not affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned and does not recommend anything in particular. Our writer has a new puppy and has been researching the topic and these are some ideas we’ve discovered so far. What are your favourite eco-conscious pet products?