Fall is well and truly alive with the arrival of shorter days, rainy Vancouver weather, and those annual yard cleanup responsibilities for homeowners. It truly never ends! But Green Coast Rubbish is here for you with tips to nail your yard cleanup this year as well as dealing with any yard waste removal challenges:

Winter storage routine

Scan your yard to see what’s still sitting outside and store away any small lawn furniture, fabric cushions, portable barbeques, toys and games, gardening tools and accessories; power cords, and any other seasonal items that you are done with for the year. When it’s time to get those Christmas decorations out, you’ll be happy you already cleaned up!

Freshly groomed lawn

It’s always a good idea during the annual yard cleanup to do one last run around the grass with the lawn mower to help keep it tidy for the winter. Pruning shrubs and trees will prep your yard for next spring as well.

Leaf pickup and removal (essential yard cleanup!)

While you’re mowing the lawn, an easy tip for dealing with fall leaves is to shred them with your lawn mower and reuse for mulching your garden. If you can’t keep up and your yard bin is too full, don’t hesitate to give Green Coast a call for leaf removal needs!

yard clean up, gutter cleaning, leaf cleaning and winterize your home in Vancouver

Turn off outdoor taps

As you work through your yard cleanup process, turn off the outdoor taps to prevent them from freezing over the winter. Also pick up and put away hoses to keep them in good shape for next year.

Maintain and clean your gutters

Overflowing nasty gutters is the last thing anyone wants to face during Vancouver’s wet and rainy winter. It’s an investment, but having your gutters cleaned and repaired regularly is really important to prevent problems such as damage to your roof. Do the maintenance now for a smooth transition to winter.

Overflowing gutters with rain water can be solved by cleaning your gutters or having them professionally cleaned

Green Coast Rubbish fall cleanup service

Last but not least, call in the experts from Green Coast Rubbish to help you with your fall home and yard cleanup. We will divert the materials we pick up away from the landfill through reuse and recycling programs, often benefiting local community groups.

Learn about our new Green Coast Sustainability Initiative that explains our commitment to diverting at least 75% of all materials collected away from the landfill – including many projects for clients that are completely zero waste.

Give us a call at 604.230.4530 or email pickup@www.greencoastrubbish.com today!

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