One of the great environmental benefits of working in the junk removal business is the ability to give new life to old stuff either through finding a new home for an item (donations) or by finding creative uses for repurposing (which means adapting or utilizing the items or materials for a new purpose). In this new blog series – A Repurposing Story – Green Coast Rubbish President and CEO Eamonn Duignan will showcase his creative repurposing projects or what he also likes to think of as making junk great again.

This first repurposing story features the transformation of a reclaimed kitchen island which Eamonn has repurposed as a workbench that doubles as a TV entertainment unit at the Green Coast home office.

The Origin Story

The Green Coast team needed a workbench for the shop at the home office and they were on the lookout for something that could be reused or repurposed. It was Eamonn who first laid eyes on the kitchen island at the Brother Sisters estate cleanout project – and instantly knew this was it!

“I recall telling the Brother Sisters [clients] the vision I had, and they were amazed and more than happy that the kitchen island that they grew up with was going to be shared with another family and have its life extended.”

-Eamonn Duignan, President & CEO, Green Coast Rubbish

Parts and materials

The repurposed workbench/TV entertainment unit was constructed using the reclaimed kitchen island, parts taken from a standup desk, and various other materials collected from past projects throughout the year including:

Shelves from an AV cart were used as doors along with reclaimed wood from a project completed at UBC.

Hydraulic components from a standup desk recycled from our BDC project.

LED light from a recent project with BCAA was mounted on the inside of the workbench.

Hinges from some old kitchen cabinets and door.

Used casters from some old discarded carts.

Repurposing Tip or Trick

On the more abstract/creative side of the spectrum, the challenge is to see the object based on what it could be, not for what it is.

Think about the materials at hand and the goal upon completion. Then try to conceive an outcome, not a limation; reframe to a positive, and approach accordingly.

On the more practical side of this spectrum, explore spray foam to mitigate sound amplification and leverage its adhesive qualities.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, repurposing projects like the kitchen-island workbench are work but also fun and rewarding. When you are picking your next repurposing project, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box in order to create new memories with vintage junk.

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