Green Coast Rubbish is at the top of its game when it comes to supporting commercial client moves by providing recycling, repurposing and waste removal services – the latest being a project for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). This particular project involved transforming a recently fully functional office that occupied 2 floors of the Bentall Centre back to a pre-lease state.

The Challenge

The challenge for this office move project was going to be the massive volume of materials that were contained in the 21,000 square foot space that would need to be broken down, sorted, recycled, repurposed or removed. Another hurdle was a compressed time period to complete the contract including a limited daily 4 hour window (evenings from 6 pm to 10 pm) to move material from the two floors downstairs into Green Coast trucks. Also, with one of the floors being the 21st, it took extra time to go up and down the elevator.

Cove Repurpose provides Innovation

President and CEO of Green Coast Rubbish Eamonn Duigan took an innovative approach to repurposing some of the materials at the site, calling on skills he will be utilizing in his new venture, the soon to be launched Cove Repurpose.

“I utilized materials on-site, deconstructing desks, carts, and a few other things to make dollies to help expedite moving material out of the office space. I also deconstructed a few standup desks, and I am in the process of incorporating the hydraulic lifting components in the workshop we are building for Cove Repurpose in my home office in Deep Cove. It looks super cool!”

-Eamonn Duignan

The Cove Repurpose Lab, or workshop, is composed of mainly reclaimed materials from the various Green Coast Rubbish projects throughout the last year and a half, with the basic principles of style and function dictating its form.

Recycled That

With an amazing effort by the Green Coast team members, two office floors containing items such as cubicles, boardroom tables, office chairs, desks, white boards, a safe, filing cabinets, shelves, kitchen stuff, plants and office supplies were cleared out and recycled. It was a huge job and the final totals of material removed and recycled are impressive including:

  • 705 cubic yards of material removed altogether
  • 27,340 kg of wood and garbage removed
  • 16,420 kg of metal recycled.

“I am really proud of the way my team came together to complete this project in the time we had. It was challenging with the four hour time limit each night and they rocked it!” Eamonn commented.

“We are close to the completion of this space and once fully operational, Green Coast Rubbish will become full circle in our service offerings, and present to the world a reframing of all the things considered waste in our society,” explains Eamonn.

Get in Touch

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