Did you know there is an incentive program in BC that encourages residents to recycle an older car and go electric? It’s true! The BC SCRAP-IT program offers consumers who buy a qualifying new electric vehicle a $3,250 rebate if they scrap their 2000 or older vehicle.

BC Scrap It Program Electric Vehicle Incentive

Residents go through an application process and once approved, will have one month to scrap their old car and purchase a new or used electric vehicle. There are a variety of electric cars to choose from including:

  • Chevrolet Volt
  • Chevrolet Spark (1LT, 2LT)
  • Mercedes Smart Fortwo Electric Drive
  • Mitsubishi iMiev
  • Nissan Leaf (S, SV, SL)
  • Tesla Roadster (Model S or X)
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • BMW i3
  • Kia Soul EV
  • Cadillac ELR Coupe
  • Honda Fit EV

The SCRAP-IT program has been around since 1996 with the goal of getting older higher polluting vehicles off the road and replacing them with cleaner forms of transportation. Benefits include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making sure all of the scrapped cars and their parts are correctly recycled.

This incentive offer to go electric was introduced in 2015 as an addition to numerous other great SCRAP-IT incentives including purchasing a 2008 or newer replacement vehicle or trading in a car for a BC Transit ecopass (Victoria), mobility scooter, bike, Car2go, Car Share credit or cash.

Green Coast Rubbish fully supports the BC SCRAP-IT program as an innovative way to motivate residents to make clean transportation choices in their everyday lives and at the same time, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

For more information on BC SCRAP-IT incentive programs, visit www.scrapit.ca.