4 Tips to Get Your Kids RecyclingTeaching your kids about recycling is a no-brainer as children are very interested in helping the earth be a better place. That being said, here are 4 tips to get your kids recycling at home as part of your everyday routine:

  1. Talk about it  Your kids are going to follow your lead so talk to them about recycling as you go about your daily business. Show them your green bin and blue bin and tell them why you are recycling something and how you are contributing to a greener earth. Ask them what they think will happen to the recycling when it is picked up and what you can make with recycled materials.
  2. Save recyclables for art projects  Kids just love getting crafty, and saving certain types of recyclables is a great way to keep your art supply cupboard full. Corks, egg cartons, mason jars, toilet paper rolls, fabric pieces, cardboard, paper, old pasta or rice – just use your imagination to create with your kids. You can also spend some time on Pinterest searching for craft ideas for kids using recycled materials.
  3. Visit a recycling centre  Next time you make a trip to drop off your light bulbs, electronics or bottles, take the kids with you and involve them in the process. It’s fun and educational to see where each item is dropped off. Plus, receiving a few dollars from the bottle returns for the piggy bank might just make your child’s day!
  4. Kids swap meet  When the toys start building up in your home and the little ones start growing out of their old stuff, the time is right to sign up for a table at a local kids swap meet. Kids think it is neat to sell  their old stuff at the swap, especially if you sweeten the pot by giving them some of the earnings to buy something new. Then donate what you don’t sell to your local thrift store.

Taking the time to instill recycling habits and values in your kids will make a big difference to how the next generation handles waste reduction and preserving natural resources. Using easy everyday tips like these ones, you’ll be off to a great start!