This year Earth Day Canada has created a unique #Rooting4Trees Pledge and Plant Campaign. The idea is to gather pledges from Canadians to plant 25,000 trees in Canada for the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Green Coast Rubbish Earth-Day-2016 Rooting4Trees

On Earth Day, world leaders will sign the Paris Climate Agreement in New York. This landmark agreement includes a commitment to grow the global forest as a way to meet key carbon reduction targets.

The #Rooting4Trees campaign ties into the Paris Climate Agreement as part of an exciting new initiative where the global network of Earth Day organizations are launching a campaign to plant 7.8 billion trees, one for every person on the planet, by 2020. Earth Day Canada’s goal is to plant 35 million trees – one for each Canadian.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Pledge During Earth Month, from April 1 – 30, visit to participate in the #Rooting4Trees crowdfunding pledge and plant campaign and help Earth Day Canada grow a forest of 25,000 trees this April.

Sponsor a city tree and plant the tree yourself at an Earth Day tree party event on National Tree Day – September 21st.

Making a pledge to #Rooting4Trees is an easy way that you can get involved and help with climate change. Planting only 25,000 trees for Earth Day & Every Day, leads to 35 million trees by 2020!