In 2016, Green Coast Rubbish completed an epic paper recycling project, cleaning out the archive storage space for the Urban Design Group in Vancouver. Our team broke a record for the most paper we had ever recycled in a 2 day period with this project!

The challenge:

Urban Design Group tasked Green Coast Rubbish with tackling a massive storage cleanup and recycling project at the end of 2016 which included:

  •  30 years worth of old paper files and architectural drawings in two storage rooms including boxes (roughly 1,000) and full cardboard tubes (roughly 2,000)
  • all the wood shelving
  • decommissioned electronic equipment
  • miscellaneous unneeded items

The request was not unusual, but the timeline was short with the client needing the project to be completed within a few days.

Photo gallery:

Recycling Project

Recycled that:

The Green Coast team took only two days and 20 hours to clean out and recycle all the material in the commercial storage space including dismantling the wooden shelving units. We recycled 12.16 tonnes or 26,808 lbs of mixed paper, 1.06 tonnes of wood and nearly 700 pounds of electronics.

Fun Fact: 12.16 tonnes of mixed paper is the equivalent of 75 reindeer or the weight of a typical Class C school bus.

Notable quotes:

It was clear in our experience with Green Coast Rubbish during the estimating process that they were our best bet and from our very first meeting gave us the most confidence in their plan of action and reasonable pricing method.

In our background research we came across features on this company by the Recycling Council of BC, Vancity, and Habitat for Humanity…Their  involvement not only in the local community but their interest in global sustainability initiatives is truly inspiring and is something we wholeheartedly support.  We proceeded with Green Coast Rubbish and were absolutely pleased with the outcome. 

Green Coast Rubbish was timely with their communication, organized, arrived when they said they would on both cold snowy days … and were ready to go! They were respectful of our building, careful not to cause any damage in the process of the move, and the entire team conducted themselves professionally. 

Green Coast Rubbish’s approach to our project was methodical and efficient not only in how the team work was delegated but how they sorted and handled the material through the process. They worked incredibly hard the entire weekend and finished ahead of schedule, followed by timely communication to finalize our project.

I believe at the time we held the record with them for the most paper moved in one day.  On Saturday alone, the team transferred over 23,000 lbs of paper.  The entire experience was beyond our expectations in professionalism and removed a significant burden from our shoulders, for which we are eternally grateful.

– Crystal Matthews, Urban Design Group

Pro tip:

If you have a commercial, retail or residential recycling project in Metro Vancouver, Green Coast Rubbish has an experienced team and will make sure all the materials we remove are disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Contact us at 604.230.4530 or