Oh the weather outside is frightful and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and decide how you will green your holiday dinner party. Planning ahead is the key; it’s easy to get started with these eco-friendly tips:

Party invitations

Use a handy online tool like Evite.com to invite your guests to your holiday party. It will automatically track your RSVPs and send out party reminders too!

green your holiday dinner party


Make a list/check it twice

When planning to green your holiday dinner party, write down everything from the number of party guests to your menu and take note of any recipe ingredients you are missing. Make a shopping list and be sure to include all the groceries you’ll need for appies, entrees, desserts, beverages and decorating.

green your holiday dinner party

Decorate in green

Some of the prettiest Christmas decorations come from nature. Pine cones, evergreen branches, fruit, nuts, flowers, berries … use your imagination or search Pinterest for some fun creative ideas.

green your holiday dinner party

This table setting looks simple but elegant, featuring pine cones, greenery, a cloth napkin and napkin holder, and reusable bulbs.


Have a plan for leftovers. Ask your guests to bring along a reusable carton or have a supply of reusable containers on hand so you can distribute extra food. Make turkey soup with the carcass of your cooked turkey. And don’t forget to save some turkey, gravy and stuffing so you can make a turkey pot pie. You so won’t regret it!

green your holiday dinner party

Recycle your food waste

Recycling food waste couldn’t be more easy with Metro Vancouver’s curbside organics pickup! Pro tip: wrap your food waste in a recyclable paper bag before you dispose of it in the bin to prevent a nasty smelly soggy mess or freeze it until your neighbourhood recycling day.

At the end of the day, your guests will leave with full hearts knowing they had a great time and celebrated the season with a holly jolly green spirit.