Green your gift wrapping this year to help your family create memories, not garbage this Christmas. It may take stepping outside your comfort zone a little, and changing the way you usually do things. But if you are willing to be creative and think outside the box, you’re going to have some fun and surprise your loved ones by presenting their gifts wrapped in a variety of unexpected materials:

Newspaper, old maps or paper bags

Use outdated or vintage maps, newspaper or classic brown paper bags to make this a memorable and waste free Christmas. Be creative, adding little accents like this adorable bow tie cutout to make your loved one’s day.

green your gift wrapping

Box it

A simple box is both classic and reusable for next year. Check to see what you have around the house. A box could also be something unexpected that you upcycle and decorate – a tea tin, a paper towell roll, a candy box.

green your gift wrapping

Homemade is where the heart is

Making homemade hot cocoa kits or cookies is a simple and thoughtful gift for the holidays. Dress it up in a reusable mason jar or cookie tin with a twist of twine and a candy cane for a festive twist.

green your gift wrapping

Au naturel

Collect greenery from your yard or neighbourhood such as pine cones and evergreen branches to accent your reusable wrapping. Raffia or reusable yarn is great in place of ribbon.

green your gift wrapping

Less is More

Some gifts are awkward to wrap so why bother? Reuse last year’s bows or go with greenery to dress up that bat or new set of skis.

green your gift wrapping

Reuse your wrap

Save good sized pieces of used gift wrap for next year. Tissue is very reusable and also can be saved for arts & crafts or packaging.

green your gift wrapping

When the yuletide season is done, separate the wrapping items that can be saved for next year and recycle the rest. Your efforts to green your gift wrapping makes for a healthier and more meaningful Christmas for the whole family.

Photo credits: Metro Vancouver