Valentine’s Day is all about love, chocolate and fun here at Green Coast Rubbish. In the spirit of fun, we decided to give the Green Coast Rubbish team a quiz to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day here on the blog. We’re going to let the guys explain their philosophy of Valentine’s Day now by sharing their answers: 

Green Coast Rubbish

Q: What is the Perfect Valentines Day activity?

A: Swimming
A: Dinner, movie and bungee jumping {clearly the adventure seeker of the group}
A: Looking at the stars {most romantic}
A: Picnic on a tropical beach
A: Dinner {hungriest}

Q: Best Valentine’s Day songs?

A: American Idiot by Green Day
A: Yellow by Cold Play {perfect song choice!}

Hip Hop/Rap
A: Juicy by Notorious B.I.G {seriously?}
A: She by Tyler, The Creator

A: Celine Dion {maybe we shouldn’t have asked}

Heavy Metal
A: Skies Most Wanted Goodbyes by We Are the End

Q: Best Valentine’s Day Candy?

A: Chocolate {two votes for chocolate}
A: Hershey’s kisses
A: Starburst
A: little red cinnamon hearts {yummy}

 Q: Favourite Valentine’s Day restaurant?

A: I love Lombards on Commercial Drive
A: Finch & Barley
A: Whichever is the girl’s favourite {good thinking!}
A: Earls

Q: Best Valentine’s Day flowers?

A: Roses {5 votes for roses}
A: Black roses {harsh!}

Q: Best Valentine’s Day movie ever!

A: The Break Up
A: Forest Gump {life is like a box of chocolates}
A: Let Me In
A: Star Wars
A: Conan the Barbarian

Q: Worst Valentine’s Day movie ever?

A: Lord of the Rings
A: Chick flicks
A: Rambo
A: The Note Book
A: War of the Roses {omg that is the worst!}

Q: What should you wear on Valentine’s Day?

A: Suit
A: All black
A: Red {two votes for red}
A: Nothing

Q: Biggest Valentine’s Day no no’s?

A: Proposal {missed opportunity!}
A: Forgetting the flowers
A: Getting into a situation you are not prepared for
A: Saying “I love you Jen” when your girl’s name is Carly {best lol}
A: Being too metal and scaring them away
A: Forgetting Valentine’s Day
A: Never made one!

Q: Best Valentine’s Day gifts

A: Candy
A: Flowers
A: Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, accessories
A: Money
A: Flowers and a home cooked meal {hits it out of the park}

Q: Best recycling tips for Valentine’s Day?

A: Give gifts from the heart not from a store {best aha moment}
A: Don’t wrap gifts
A: Make sure to buy items with the least amount of packaging
A: Recycle cards
A: Do your part and bring all your recyclables to their designated drop offs. Not recycling is brutal in a bad way.

Q: Best last word about Valentine’s Day?

A: The most brutal holiday of the year {best use of the word brutal}
A: Great day!
A: Spend it with the one you love {two votes}
A: Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Hope you have a fun one!