The Listel Hotel is not your average property when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint and incorporating sustainability principles in every aspect of its operations.  Here’s why we at Green Coast Rubbish feels this unique business is one to watch:

What they do: The Listel Hotel is a boutique hotel located on Robson Street in Vancouver, BC. The hotel has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and the arts.

Listel Hotel

Environmental benefits: The Listel Hotel’s eco-initiative “Environmental Matters” is aimed at minimizing the hotel’s operational impact on the environment through resource conservation and best practices. A few key examples from an extensive list of environmental initiatives include:

  • Installation of 20 solar panels and a highly efficient heat recovery system.
  • A Zero Waste initiative that includes recycling and composting bins in every room.
  • Purchasing local, sustainable food and wine products for their restaurant Forage.
  • Energy efficient technologies used in all areas of the Forage kitchen including appliances for cooking, refrigeration, and ventilation.
  • Bee hive on the roof (soon to be producing honey for Forage).

Green Coast Rubbish

Lise Magee, regional director of marketing and communications at the Listel Hotel, explains the key results of the environmental program saying, “we have reduced our natural gas usage by 30% since the installation of our solar panels and heat capture system” and “we are a 100 per cent zero waste facility. This means that nothing that leaves this building goes into the landfill.”

The Listel Hotel

Art-full hotel: The Listel is also known for its focus on the Arts given the hotel decor which is chock full of original and limited edition artwork. Depending on preference, guests may request a stay on the museum floors, gallery floors, artist series suites or BC suites which feature everything from First Nations art and West Coast art to Canadian and international artists.

Why we like them: Eamonn Duignan, president of Green Coast Rubbish, recently had the opportunity to tour this unique place to stay, meet and eat. He says, “The Listel Hotel is a real stand out on a number of levels but most notably for their commitment to sustainability and for their environmental protection best practices not to mention being Vancouver’s most art-full hotel.”

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