You spend a large portion of time in your office. It acts as a home away from home on a daily basis. It should look its best and promote a creative and relaxing environment so that you can stay motivated throughout the day.

An office redesign or upgrade is a lengthy process, but the results can be spectacular! However, sometimes all you need is an office clean-up. In our latest post, you can read about Green Coast Rubbish in action, as we record how we tackled this exciting deconstruction project in the heart of historic Gastown.

recycled doors

The Challenge

The Green Coast Rubbish team was tasked with a demolition project in Gastown, Vancouver. We deconstructed a commercial office space to make room for a new, more open-spaced work environment. No one wants to feel cramped and confined at work and we knew there was something we could do to help!

Our client wanted to start fresh in their office, and we did our part to help create an open canvas. The workspace was gorgeous and it featured some amazing beams, natural lighting, and rustic brick walls that were to be the central focus of the office. There was a lot that needed to be done but our team was determined to reveal the natural beauty of this room.

The Process – Prepping, Deconstructing and Recycling

Our team got right to work. We began by taking several on-site precautions. For example, we carefully covered all vents and heaters so that dust would not clutter them. This is a standard procedure at Green Coast Rubbish. Cleanliness and best practices come first before the real work begins.

Once everything was ready, we began by unhinging the doors and deconstructed the walls that separated the room. We worked carefully and methodically. Everything was sorted into different sections for recycling purposes. The key to good recycling is organization. For example, glass must be separated from wood, drywall must be separated from metal etc. It is a simple concept, but when it comes to larger-scale projects like these, it’s best to stay organized!

The Results

The before and after photos of this space are astonishing. It is unbelievable what a simple clean-up can do. The room looks much more open and bright. Its massive windows are now the focal point, rather than the confusing maze of doors that existed previously. The area looks much less cluttered. It will be a space of focus and productivity, rather than confusion and clutter.

Before and After:

before and after

As you can see, the before and after photos are dramatically different. There was a large amount of framework that had to be removed. The panels and doors were all carefully unscrewed, excess drywall and debris were sorted and separated in preparation for recycling. As per the owner’s request, all doors were kept fully intact. We were able to successfully adhere to this request and all of the wooden doors and windows were salvaged.

Finishing Touches

At Green Coast Rubbish, we take the time to clean-up after all of our projects. In this case, there was excess debris and dust left in the office space once the work was finished. Our team worked together to ensure there was no trace of this mess afterward.

Keep it Clean

We always carefully clean-up after any project. In this case, after these finishing touches, the office space looked incredible. The new open floorplan lets gentle rays of sunlight stream in. This natural lighting perfectly highlighted the natural, earthy, brick walls. This was a truly spectacular location and it was very rewarding to be a part of the project. As you can see in the image below, our team members carefully vacuum and tidy the remnants of the project, so you’re left with a clean slate.
vacuuming a room

Benefits of Sustainable Renovations

As a result of this project, our team was able to salvage and save many of the materials from this office space. The doors that were removed can be reused and repurposed by the owner. Door frames and windows from this project were carefully deconstructed and saved for reuse as well. We also recycled 2 tonnes of drywall, 1.33 tonnes of metal, and .95 tonnes of wood. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

Deconstruction projects are vastly more sustainable when you compare them to traditional demolition projects. We were able to recycle and re-use almost everything from the office deconstruction. In general, deconstruction is far more precise and effective, both for the owner and the environment.

Demolition projects treat everything as garbage and can produce large amounts of waste. When you consider a deconstruction project, keep in mind that deconstruction extracts and separates all parts to be recycled and reused and brought to their respective depots. Deconstruction is a far more sustainable procedure and it is becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver.

Contact Green Coast Rubbish for Commercial Recycling

There’s nothing more rewarding than a hard day of work. Once we’d finished the project in Gastown, we took some time to explore the beautiful city we live in. Below is the team standing by the historic steam clock, a Vancouver must see!

If you or someone you know is working on a similar deconstruction project, let us know and we’d be happy to assist you. Our team works quickly and effectively and we divert everything we can for a sustainable solution. Even the smallest project can make a big impact, so don’t hesitate to call us.

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