Waste Reduction Week 2015, which runs from October 19 – 25, is a campaign that asks BC residents to reduce waste at home by rethinking what you buy and exploring the sharing economy in your community. 

So what does that mean for everyday life? WRW 2015 Button

Rethinking what you buy and leveraging the sharing economy could be as simple as borrowing an item that you don’t use everyday instead of buying it. For example:

  • borrow a fishing rod or lawn mower;
  • rent a dress or a tux;
  • visit a seed library;
  • host a Halloween costume swap.

Rethinking what you buy to reduce waste can be a great opportunity to save both the environment and money. For example:

  • buy in bulk to reduce packaging;
  • make a shopping list before you go grocery shopping so you buy only what you need and use up your leftovers before they go bad to reduce food waste;
  • make your own bread or laundry soap.

Next time you need something, don’t forget to do a rethink of your purchases before you buy. Making small changes in your daily decision making process can make a really big difference in reducing waste.

Waste Reduction Week

Waste Reduction Week is a national campaign that seeks to educate, empower and engage Canadians to reduce waste. Waste Reduction Week in Canada is organized by a coalition of nongovernmental, non-profit groups and government organizations from each of the 13 provinces and territories across Canada.