Today we are introducing a former Green Coast Rubbish team member, Josh Earle, a fun loving and interesting guy who we’d love to have back (hint hint) and someone who really embraced the Green Coast spirit when he was working here. We asked Josh our spotlight interview questions and learned about his globetrotting lifestyle, obsession with skiing and that he loves his Ramen noodles. Here’s what else we found out:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself …

Josh: My name is Josh and I come from a town in rural South Australia about 300 km north of Adelaide. I am a ski instructor who travels around chasing the snow from country to country. When not instructing I will probably be getting my hands dirty, either farming or any odd jobs I can do to help out.

Q: When did you join the Green Coast Team? What do you like about it?

Josh: I joined GCR in January 2022 and worked there for about 5 months. I enjoyed the variety of jobs we attended and the customer interactions. And of course the whole driving on the wrong side of the road thing was pretty cool as well.

Q: Do you have a favourite recycling tip or recycling story to share with our readers?

Josh: Just do your bit. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take up any extra time. Every little bit helps our beautiful planet and will sustain our powder filled winters and our beautiful summers.

Q: Speed round! What is your favourite:

Things about Deep Cove?

Josh: The view coming down Deep Cove Rd when the clouds start creeping up the hills from the sea. It’s beautiful.


Josh: Anywhere cold, or hot. I just need beer.


Josh: Can’t beat a good Ramen or pretty much any Japanese food.


Josh: The Australian cricket team has always been the team I follow the closest.


Josh: Skiing. I love and breathe it.


Josh: Cricket, AFL, Tennis, Golf. I love ‘em all.


Josh: Chet Faker’s cover of Lover, original by Sonia Dada


Josh:  42, great movie, makes me cry every time.

Thank you Josh for sending us your answers from afar during your current world travels. The team misses you and totally agrees about the view in Deep Cove – especially in the summer!

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