The Green Coast team enjoys exceeding the expectations of customers and making a difference everyday for the environment as we strive to divert reusable and recyclable materials away from the landfill while benefitting our community. It can be challenging work, but very rewarding as you are working as part of a dedicated team who care about the environment and want to make a difference.

Today we are introducing new team member Matěj Faltys, Truck Team Member. We asked Matt some get-to-know-you interview questions (don’t miss the speed round!) and learned about his love of adventure and affinity for teamwork.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself …

Matěj: Hey! Name’s Matěj, I’m 21 years and I come from Czech Republic. Lover of nature, hiking, camping and adventure!

Canada is my first stop in fulfilling my world-wide travelling dream. I am also keen on bike riding, forestry, history etc. I’m still a student – going to study forestry and arborist once I get back home, possibly start my own business in the area, but who knows!

Q: When did you join the Green Coast Team? What do you like about it?

Matěj: I first joined GCR on January 2022 just to fill in hours I couldn’t get at my other job. Ultimately, I started working [here] full time, which was super nice as I met many really great people and together we formed an awesome team!

That’s actually also the thing I like about GCR the most – teamwork based work environment. Something that should be the most important part of any business. That and of course a leader that is good in leading people to this valuable goal – such leader as Eamonn definitely is!

Speed Round:

Q: What is your favourite:

  • Thing about Deep Cove?

Matěj: Eamonn’s cozy cabin 🤣

  • Food?

Matěj: As I eat pretty much everything it’s hard for me to point out the ONE thing. Generally, what I love most is sea food and of course our very own Czech cuisine

  • Sport?

Matěj: Hockey, MMA

  • Hobby?

Matěj: Gym, motorcycle riding

  • Song?

Matěj: Anything from Nirvana

  • Movie?

Matěj: LOTR, Interstellar

Thank you, Matěj! We’re with you – living on the West Coast, seafood is a must have, but the team just wants to know if you’ll be cooking up a dinner of Czech cuisine for them anytime soon? Just kidding! 😂

On another note, Green Coast Rubbish is hiring! If you or someone you know would like to join this dynamic, growth-oriented, and fun-loving team, visit our website to check out our current job openings.

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