Kermit the FrogRecycling sounds so earth friendly, so easy – and it can be when it comes to filling up your recycling box at home and putting it out at the curb. But what about all the stuff that doesn’t go in your bin? As Kermit likes to say, “it’s not that easy bein’ green” and with that in mind, Green Coast has put together a list of our top 5 hardest things to recycle list to help you out:

  1. Mattress recycling – Sites like Craigslist are chockablock full of cheap or free mattresses which are banned from the landfill. Fortunately, arranging for mattress recycling is relatively easy for a modest fee. Drop off for recycling is conveniently available at the Wastech Transfer Stations. Or even easier, call Green Coast Rubbish to pick up your mattress and we will arrange for recycling via Mattress Recycling.
  2. Pesticides & Flammables – You aren’t alone if you have leftover pesticides, gasoline or other flammables in your shed or garage and don’t know what to do with them. In BC, these items may recycled at numerous collection sites under the Product Care Regeneration stewardship program. There is no charge to drop-off leftover pesticides or flammables that are accepted by the program.
  3.  Paint is another item that can find its way to a dark corner of your garage but it too can be recycled under Product Care’s Regeneration program.  Recycle both interior and exterior coatings, from latex to alkyd, aerosol to oil-based paints, varnishes, primers as well as all of the containers in which they are sold.
  4.  Tires – Consumers usually return their old tires to the retailer when they buy news ones under the BC Tire Stewardship program. However, there is also a list of retailers who will accept up to 4 passenger/light truck tires, clean and off rim. Visit the website for more information.
  5.  Oil & Antifreeze may be recycled at number locations throughout BC under the BC Used Oil Management Association stewardship program.  Tips include returning the oil and antifreeze in firmly closed containers and calling first to confirm drop-off  location and hours. Oil filters may also be recycled if you do your oil changes at home. Visit the website for a list of collection sites.

Fortunately, there are great centralized recycling resources available in BC so you don’t have to look up each of these individual programs. Green Coast Rubbish will pickup any and all items and do the work for you. Or find out where to recycle any individual item by visiting or by contacting the Recycling Council of BC.