Spotlight on Mike Brady, Green Coast Team Lead

Today we are introducing Green Coast Rubbish team member Mike Brady. We asked Mike our spotlight interview questions and discovered he’s an easy-going guy from North Vancouver who’s enjoying life and likes playing Minecraft with his friends, among other things. Find out what else we found out in our interview!

Spotlight on Josh Earle, Globetrotter and Former Team Member

Today we are introducing a former Green Coast Rubbish team member, Josh Earle, a fun loving and interesting guy who we’d love to have back (hint hint) and someone who really embraced the Green Coast spirit when he was working here. We asked Josh our spotlight interview questions and learned about his globetrotting lifestyle, obsession with skiing and that he loves his Ramen noodles. Check out what we found out!

Green Coast in Action: The BDC Office Move

Green Coast Rubbish is at the top of its game when it comes to supporting commercial client moves by providing recycling, repurposing and waste removal services – the latest being a project for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). This particular project involved transforming a recently fully functional office that occupied 2 floors of the Bentall Centre back to a pre-lease state.

Spotlight on Matěj Faltys, Truck Team Member at Green Coast Rubbish

Today we are introducing new team member Matěj Faltys, Truck Team Member. We asked Matt some get-to-know-you interview questions (don’t miss the speed round!) and learned about his love of adventure and affinity for teamwork.

The Fountainhead Network’s Podcast Hosts Green Coast Rubbish President

From the root to the fruit, our leader and founding father chats about all things Green Coast, moving forward in life, and the next big thing!

A Year in Review at Green Coast Rubbish: What to Say about 2021?

We continue to be busy with the day-to-day business of making the lives of our customers easier and better with our clean, green waste removal strategies. Here are some highlights of the year in review – there are some good ones!