We adore Spring in Vancouver; there are cherry blossoms everywhere and you can even walk around in a T-shirt and shorts on the sunny days!

There is a lot going on at this time of year – Spring sports are starting, Spring cleaning starts to happen, winter tires need changing and we can’t wait to bring out the patio furniture!  In this week’s blog, we’re going to cover 4 Spring Recycling Tips to help you get started!

4 Spring Recycling Tips:

4 Spring Recycling Tips

Sports equipment:

As families dive into Spring sports like lacrosse and baseball, this is the perfect time to go through everything and donate any items that won’t be used anymore.

Check with your local sports store to see if they take used equipment in return for a store credit. A couple of our favorite places are Corner Sports in Port Coquitlam and the Sport Junkies Clearance Centre in Vancouver.

Donating sports equipment to your local thrift store is another great option as the money raised will go to help someone in need.

Clothes, shoes, boots

Before you put your winter wardrobe away, take the time to sort through the stuff that the kids have outgrown or that you don’t see yourself wearing again next year.

Green Coast Rubbish recommends Diabetes Canada and the Salvation Army as donations places as we use them a lot to donate used items on behalf of our clients”.

Both charities have drop bins in various places around Metro Vancouver and will do pickups which is very handy.


Now that the snow has stopped flying, car owners are switching their winter tires back to seasonal.

No doubt some of the tires will have worn out and will need to be recycled. Usually, consumers will take back their old tires to the retailer when they purchase new ones.

However, there are places that will accept up to 4 passenger/light tires, clean and off-rim year-round with no purchase required. For more information, visit Tire Stewardship BC.

Patio furniture

Before you give away that old patio set, take a minute to browse through Pinterest for ideas on how to refresh your look. You can check out what this homeowner was able to do with some spray paint and a cheap patio set she picked up on Craigslist. Nice!

If you do decide to buy something new, you can make a little money by selling the old one on Craigslist, donating the set to charity or the Salvation Army accepts furniture donations as well.  

Green Coast to the Rescue

If you’re stuck and can’t figure out what to do with your old stuff, give us a call at Green Coast Rubbish. We take great pride in being Vancouver’s environmentally conscious waste removal company and we donate or recycle at least 75% of the materials we pick up, with much of it being donated to charity.

Contact us at pickup@www.greencoastrubbish.com or by calling 604 230 4530.