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What You Need to Know About Commercial Junk Removal

When you want to get rid of junk at home, there are several different ways to go about sustainably disposing of, or re-purposing the material. You can put old items up for sale, recycle or compost them, pass them on to relatives or call a junk removal company. Generally, it is easy to find a junk removal solution when it is on a smaller, residential scale. But what happens when your entire office, warehouse or store has items that need to be removed on a larger scale? This requires a separate service, called commercial junk removal.

What is Commercial Junk Removal?

Commercial junk removal maintains the same basic concept as residential junk removal. Everything has its place and when something isn’t being used or is no longer needed, it can be removed by local junk removal services.Commercial junk removal

In general, commercial junk removal is done on a larger scale than residential junk removal, but this is not always the case. You can call commercial junk removal services for that old office computer no one uses, or for when you want to do an entire office clean out. You can reach out to commercial junk removal services for minor or large-scale office clean-ups.

Do not waste your precious time at work helping to move old desks out to the street for pickup. Commercial junk removal services let you get on with your day. They help save your time, and your employees time, by doing the heavy lifting for you.

You don’t want to waste company time hauling old junk to recycling centers, or the old photocopy machine to the electronics recycling depot. Your time is valuable and you should spend it doing your own work!

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Junk Removal?

Commercial junk removal lets you, as an office manager or employee, simply sit back, relax and watch as your company junk gets hauled away. It is perfect for anyone moving to a new office or leaving an old office space.

You and your staff don’t have to waste your time to sort through old binders and separate paper from plastic. Commercial junk removal gives you the opportunity to have your junk removed and disposed of at an affordable price. This way, you won’t be stuck wasting company time.

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What Type of Junk is Accepted?

In general, when you contact a commercial junk removal company, pretty much everything in an office space can be taken and disposed of. At Green Coast Rubbish, we recycle, re-purpose and re-use as many items as possible. So you can rest assured that your office junk will be cast away responsibly. Here are a few of the items we accept in commercial junk removal hauls.

It is always a good idea to call and ask if you have more specific requirements. For products that need to be removed but are not listed here, accommodations can always be made.

How Do I Book A Commercial Junk Removal Service?

Simply give your local junk removal service a call. There are a few details you may be required to provide. Know the materials you want to be removed, the size of the office space and the hours that you’ll be available. At Green Coast Rubbish you can also request a free estimate of pricing. You can even book your service online.

If you are interested in learning more about commercial junk removal services, you can visit the Green Coast Rubbish website for a detailed description of our commercial rubbish removal services. Unlike other junk removal companies, we aim to divert and recycle everything that we can. Green Coast Rubbish is a sustainable rubbish removal solution.

  1. I found it really interesting that a professional junk removal company can separate your paper and plastic if you don’t have the time to do that. My work deals with a lot of paper, so my boss is trying to get us to recycle more. I will be sure to tell my boss that a professional trash removal company might be able to help us with separating our recycling!

    • Of course Mark! Separating materials is what we are all about. All the best and good luck.

  2. I wanted to thank you for helping me learn more about commercial junk removal. I didn’t know that this is a good way to not waste company time by having junk removed. This sounds very beneficial if an office needs to be cleaned of unwanted or unused items.

    • Thanks, Taylor and happy that you found our post on commercial junk removal helpful. We do lots of work removing and recycling unwanted material and furniture for a variety of different offices and businesses across Vancouver and the lower mainland.

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