Blue Planet Recycling is a business that goes above and beyond in their environmental commitment to recycling. With a vision to change how highly recyclable materials are being land filled and to help industry drive towards increased reuse of recyclable materials, we think Blue Planet Recycling is One to Watch.

What they do:

Blue Planet Recycling offers recycling solutions for industry. They handle all the hard-to-recycle waste that no one else wants to deal with including plastics, metals, wood, and fiber (cardboard and paper), organics, glass and hazardous waste.

Their facilities are equipped with technology that allows them to transform items such as window frames, siding, barrels, pipe, and all types of recyclable scrap plastics into pellets of various sizes that can be quickly and easily reformed into new products for industrial and home use.

One of the custom services provided by Blue Planet Recycling is product destruction and recycling where an industrial client can dispose of materials such as obsolete or recalled inventory. Sorted materials are fed into their grinding machines, creating a resin that  can be used to make new products. For example, Blue Planet recently recycled a load of defective plastic shopping baskets, grinding them down into a resin that was then used to make new milk crates.

We were impressed to learn that Blue Planet Recycling is not only a local company based in Langley but serves many cities in North America in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington, California and beyond.

Photo Gallery:

Blue Planet Recycling

Pipes, plastic cartons, bottles, organics, cardboard, wood and glass
are just some of the materials recycled by Blue Planet.

Environmental benefits:

Blue Planet Recycling is providing an essential community service by recycling hard to recycle products for industry. In 2015, Metro Vancouver’s waste composition monitoring program showed that industrial, commercial and institutional recycling in Metro Vancouver still has a long way to go. If you look at the statistics (from 2014), there is huge opportunity to remove some of the biggest problems – compostable organics (28%), plastics (19%), and paper (22%) – from the waste stream and Blue Planet is leading the way on this.

We work with them:

Blue Planet Recycling is an important resource for Green Coast Rubbish for recycling materials such as plastic and glass from our commercial clients. Two great examples of that include binder recycling and commercial glass recycling.

Why we like them:

Blue Planet Recycling has taken recycling to the next level in Metro Vancouver. The positive impact on the community is huge in terms of creating healthier and greener communities. They are a great partner when we work with them and we look forward to lots more collaboration in the future.

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