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Let’s Recycle for a Green Holiday

Let’s recycle for a green holiday! That’s right, we’re bringing it this year with holiday cheer and a call to reduce and recycle holiday waste in a big way. Here are some easy holiday recycling tips to help your family go green this Christmas:

1. Get a real live Christmas tree to support the thriving tree farming industry in BC and reduce the use of toxic plastics used to manufacture artificial trees. Real trees are the environmentally friendly choice as this kind of compostable and biodegradable holiday waste may be recycled at a local municipal tree chipping event after the holidays. Purchase from a lot like Aunt Leah’s to support moms, babies and foster youth this season.

Recycle for a Green Holiday

Photo Credit: Aunt Leah’s

2. Choose LED Christmas lights to save energy and recycle all bulbs and light strings for free. LED Christmas lighting has come a long way, with light strings now available in a variety of colours and sizes for indoor and outdoor use. LED lights last 7 times longer and use 90% less energy than the old incandescent ones. Recycle any kind of light strings and light fixtures for free at the recycling depot located at your local waste transfer station or by using BC’s program.

Recycle for a Green Holiday

Photo credit: Pixabay

3. Shop local this Christmas. Supporting local businesses with your holiday shopping reduces transportation emissions and gives our economy a boost. Bring a shopping bag with you to reduce holiday waste caused by single-use products. Pro tip: give experience gifts like movie tickets or a ski trip, zero waste gifts that will put a smile on your loved one’s faces.

Recycle for a Green Holiday

Photo credit: Metro Vancouver – Create Memories Not Garbage

4. Green your gift wrapping this year to help your family create memories, not garbage. Traditional gift wrap creates a ton of holiday waste and it’s really not necessary. Alternatives include newspaper, mason jars, greenery from outside for accents, reusable boxes and yarn instead of tape.

Recycle for a Green Holiday

Photo credit: Metro Vancouver – Create Memories Not Garbage

Going green at home is a step by step process, and if you begin by using even one of these holiday recycling tips, that is the start of something meaningful that you can build on for the new year to come!

For more information, be sure to contact Green Coast for a Green Holiday Season!

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