The Green Coast recently rocked an epic zero waste recycling project for SNC-Lavalin in preparation for their commercial office relocation. In fact, this was the second time we have helped SNC-Lavalin with a move in the past 5 years! And this time, the stakes were even higher with a significantly larger project scope right smack in the middle of the once-in-a-century COVID-19 pandemic.

Office Relocation

The Challenge

During the month of October, the Green Coast team was asked to help SNC-Lavalin prepare for a significant multi-floor, multi-phase office relocation.

Our phased approach to the project included strict safety protocols for COVID-19, and was also designed to  coincide with SNC’s COVID employee rotational calendar – a new scheduling wrinkle in a pandemic world.

The company’s objective was to vacate four and purge five floors. Our task was to remove any unwanted debris, as well as recycle any paper, cardboard, electronics, binders and metal materials. We also supplied confidential shredding services for this project.

Office Relocation

Recycled That ♺

In order to execute our phased recycling plan, the Green Coast teams delivered 100 56-gallon and 90-gallon recycling totes that were spread out between the five SNC-Lavalin office floors.

During the course of the month, we removed and recycled 25,300 pounds of paper, shredded and recycled 16,330 pounds of confidential documents, and recycled 3,549 office binders!

“Working with SNC-Lavalin on their office relocation project would be a challenge under any circumstances, and the way our team responded was really impressive. I can’t thank our team enough for all of their hard work and enthusiasm no matter what we throw at them – even the challenges of this new pandemic reality. They really did an amazing job!”

-Eamonn Duignan, President & CEO, Green Coast Rubbish

Get in touch!

If you have a commercial, retail or residential recycling project in Metro Vancouver, Green Coast Rubbish has an experienced team and will make sure all the materials we remove are dealt with in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Safety during the pandemic for our staff and customers is first and foremost in our minds, and we will follow strict safety policies and protocols for COVID-19 to make sure everyone remains safe during the project or curbside pickup.

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Office Relocation